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Sniff Out Tuscan Truffles


Tuscany is one of the most important regions for truffle production, producing nearly 80 percent of the world’s truffles in the small town of San Miniato. To honor this less known aspect of Tuscan food culture, a Festival in San Miniato offers white truffle tasting, along with porcini mushrooms and local artichokes, during the last three weeks of November.

Each variety of truffle have unique aromas which fade quickly after production. White truffles sell for almost 10,000 euro per kilogram and are best enjoyed within a few days of their surfacing the ground.

Truffle hunting, one of Tuscany’s most sacred rituals, gives visitors an opportunity to see the campagna from a different perspective. Various truffle hunts are running in November educating visitors on the art of spotting the most suitable trees in the woods, while a hunting dog uses its scent to identify the location of the fragrant prize. Following the hunt, visitors can sit for a Tuscan lunch incorporating the truffles discovered on their quest. Programs operate between San Miniato and South Siena, approximately 45 minutes outside of Florence.

The Subterranean fungus is scientifically referred to as Tuber Magnatum Pico or historically as The White Truffle of Alba, coming from the name of the ancient city Alba Pompaia which saw the birth of Roman Emperor Pertinax.


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