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‘Son of the Heart’: Benheart


Together with his best friend and business partner Matteo Masin, Hicham Ben’Mbarek creates clothing and accessories designed in Italy, entirely crafted by hand, and customized pieces. Ben’Mbarek is a designer who has showcased his models in Japan, the US and Germany, and is internationally recognized for having developed new techniques for the treatment of leather, assimilated from traditions drawn from his native Fez.

Sporting an afro and a casually chic look, Ben’Mbarek takes the award for most creative mind. After a heart transplant, he woke up with a new perspective on life and realized that he had the chance to express his emotions through his artistic talent. Benheart is tantamount to ‘son of the heart.’ His distinctive look is imprinted on all his leather goods, whether they be shoes, bags, jackets, or belts.



Via della Vigna Nuova, 97/r

Via CImatori, 25/r



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