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Space Club Founder Dies

Carlo Caldini, the architect who founded the historic Florentine Space Club, died last month. He was 76 years old.
Space has a history that spans over 40 years, beginning in February 1969, in the midst of the electrifying hippy ‘underground’ music, when Caldini, together with Mario Bolognesi and Fabrizio Fiumi, had the idea to create a place in the heart of Florence for the purpose of hosting concerts by emerging Italian and foreign bands. The idea of the name came from the famous Electric Circus club of New York.
Carlo could still often be spotted at Space, the club that was almost a ‘son’ to him and that he never stopped loving since the days when he traveled to London or New York to choose the unknown bands to invite to Space, many of which later became stars in the international scene. Among the famous names to have boarded the club’s spaceship are actors Dario Fo and Franca Rame, guitarist Rory Gallagher, Van Der Graaf Generator, Atomic Rooster, Amon Duul, If, Renaissance, Audience Living Theatre, Herbert
Pagani, Formula Tre, Banco, Rokes, New Trolls and, in most recent years, Chingy, DJ UNK, Chris Willis, and Pitbull. Caldini brings with him a piece of the city history that will be hard to die.
Here is the release by the Club after Caldini’s death.
Fun is our mission, communicating our profession. Yet, there are mo- ments when even those working in our field do not know what to say; some events can be so sudden to paralyze the pen, to break the voice, to empty the mind, to delete any word. Thunders in a sky as clear as Carlo’s voice: The voice of a free, generous, creative, honest and competent man.
Many – too many to be listed as their number increase day by day – are today better than we are.
All that comes to our mind is banal words that may sound empty as they are constantly repeated any time someone dies if he does not deserves them. This is not the case with Carlo, who really deserves these words, as well as many others that now are not coming out and that perhaps will never come out, since Carlo was, and will always be, one of our ‘family’, a professional and a partner before an employer.
There are just two words that will never end repeating: Thank you.


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