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Space Presents Caramello, the Wednesday of Italian and International Students

By Mackenzie Broderick

Just in time for a new batch of study-abroad students, Space is hosting Caramello, the “sweet university night” as the organizers define it of every Wednesday for Italian, European and American students.

Caramello presents themed nights and, often, also fashion shows. Entry before 12:30 a.m. is only one euro.

The ground floor, which opens at 10 p.m., hosts a bar playing hip-hop and R&B music, and on the upper floor is the club with its exclusive privè and commercial house music.  

A long, glorious history in Florentine night life is the main characteristic of this club. The legacy of Space began in February 1969, in the midst of the electrifying hippy ‘underground’ music. Carlo Caldini, Mario Bolognesi and Fabrizio Fiumi, the founders of the club, wanted to create a place in the heart of Florence that could be the most important place to attend concerts by the most famous Italian and foreign bands of that period. The idea of the name came from the “Electric Circus” club of New York.

The groups that first played at Space were primarily rock bands. Although the live music scene has died down since then, Space continues to bring the beats. Now a more modern nightclub, several famous DJ’s have taken the stage in recent years, including Chingy, DJ UNK, Chris Willis and Pitbull.

What has remained the same since the late 60s is from the time the club doors open until closing, Florentines and international students come together for an unforgettable experience. Until midnight, the downstairs room hosts a karaoke party, and has an unique installment an aquarium. Special effects, lights shows and laser effects all add to the spaceship-feel of the club.

Guests can reserve tables or plan group events by visiting www.spaceclubfirenze.com or calling 348 7768435.