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Sun in the House

Palazzo Davanzati Museum is hosting Sun in the House until Sept. 7. The exhibit, a testament to the craftsmen who produced domestic pottery objects, showcases ceramic objects used in everyday life in Italy from the 17th to 21st centuries.  

Held in conjunction with Expo 2015 events in Milan, Sun in the House accounts for the central theme of food in this year’s Expo, displaying common household items art pieces as well as kitchen items of the past.

The exhibit is also one more reason to visit the Palazzo Davanzati. A perfect representation of the transitional phase from the medieval to the Renaissance style of architecture, the palazzo was purchased by the Davanzati in 1578 and remained in the family’s possession until 1838 when,  after the suicide of Carlo Davanzati, it was split into different quarters and modified before being bought by Elia Volpi, an antiquarian, who restored it and gave it the look it has today.


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