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Swap goods for accommodation during Bartering Week in November


Clients of Italian bed & breakfast venues are invited to barter goods and services in exchange for accommodation during Bartering Week, an original initiative launched by the Italian Bed & Breakfast Association, which takes place from November 17 to 23.


Visitors to Florence are able to choose from more than 25 B&B members on the Bartering Week website and offer such goods and services as homemade marmalade, DVD collections, music lessons, gardening and plumbing services. Bartering options are infinite, and potential guests can make an offer as long as it is serious, respectful and original. Those looking for inspiration can view B&B personal wishlists online.


The original initiative was launched on the Italian website bedandbreakfast.it to promote B&Bs, the demand for which has increased in the wake of the global economic slowdown. The popularity of bartering websites has soared as consumers look for new shopping methods to counter the effects of the credit crunch, and the worldwide organized barter exchange and trade industry has grown to an $8 billion-a-year industry and is used by thousands of businesses and individuals. Swap parties, where people meet to exchange goods and services, were developed in the USA and are quickly spreading throughout other countries, including Italy.


One of the first businesses to take part in the event was Le Fate Apartments in Rome, located in the buzzing and accessible Trastevere area, which offers something for everyone from world-class restaurants to happening nightlife. Le Fate Apartments participate in the bartering experience but welcome customers all year round. Contact Fabrizio on 333 444 5835 or visit info@lefateapartments.it.

Bartering Week

November 17–23



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