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Tailoring Since 1818

The story of Sartoria Vanni dates all the way back to 1818, when a small tailor shop opened in the heart of Florence and quickly earned a solid reputation as the destination for premium bespoke tailoring.
Since then, all of their garments have been made using the most prestigious fabrics: from exceptional cashmere and merino wools signed Loro Piana, to the finest cottons and linens from Thomas Mason. Today, Sartoria Vanni brings the authenticity of Italian craftsmanship to a worldwide audience.
The sartoria offer a personal tailor service, allowing their international clientele to have a dedicated Italian tailor always at their service to order high quality made to measure. If you happen to visit the shop to start your ‘tailored journey’, thanks to a visiting tailor service in Europe and USA and to a personal online profile, you will have your own private Italian tailor.


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