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A ‘Taste’ of Expo in Florence

Mark Massey


The impact of Milan Expo is being felt in Florence, as the city serves up a platter of exhibitions and events related to the Expo’s theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.’ The events have already been going on for several months, but October is the last month to enjoy the festivities. They are expected to draw an additional one million visitors to Florence during its entire programme.


Venues throughout the city are participating to showcase Florence’s cultural and historical roots, starting with a modern take on Brunelleschi’s dome. Entitled I_Dome, the three-dimensional installation been created with video mapping and invites visitors to step into a full-immersion experience in the courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio.


A temporary mall known as La Casa delle Eccellenze (House of Excellence) displays Tuscan innovation in the fields of fashion, homeware, crafts, mechanical construction and technology, alongside a series of seminars and workshops. This mall can be found in the ex-Tribunal of San Firenze, right next to the Bargello Museum.


Local Bio highlights the emphasis on sustainability, where visitors can expect to see and taste many traditional, organically produced products, while the Jellyfish exhibit located by the Arno River encourages visitors to think seriously on the issue of sustainability, reflecting largely on the concerns faced by the agricultural sector.


Putting the spotlight on the Tuscan region, I Giorni del Fare (Artisan Days) presents guided tours of select regional companies that are different by virtue of their cultural, historical and traditional heritage.  


Towards the end of the Expo an international forum entitled Grani e Pani (Grains and Bread) takes place at Orsanmichele, once Florence’s granary. Aside from hosting experts on grain-milling, bread-making and ancient gains, it also includes book presentations and tastings. The forum will be held at the Accademia dei Georgofili, one of Italy’s foremost national institutions, which for over 250 years has been contributing to the progress of science and its application in agriculture. The meetings will be divided into four sessions: grain, flour, bread in Tuscany and bread in Italy. Each will host a panel of sector experts: growers, agronomists, millers, and bread makers from all over the nation. They will be recounting ancient and modern practices, as well as presenting their experiences tied to family and regional identities.

Until October 30th, every day of the work week there will be an itinerary from 3 to 6 p.m., starting with the documentary “Delle Specie diverse di frumento e pane siccome della panizzazione.” (“On Different Species of Wheat, on Bread, and on Bread-Making.”). The presentation is enhanced by an information-teaching presentation that covers the three theme areas. Wheat, with a selection of samples of ancient varieties cultivated in Tuscany and in other regions of Italy. Flour, exhibiting different types of flour alongside models of mills and historic illustrations. Bread, illustrating the different ways bread is made in Tuscany and other parts of Italy. Concluding the itinerary will be a collection of proverbs and folk sayings relating to the exhibition’s theme.


Information on all events can be found in English at www.expo2015firenze.it/en.



How to get to Expo 2015:


Reaching Milan from San Casciano is done in about three hours using public transport (the bus or the fast train).


Trains from Firenze S. M. Novella:

FrecciaRossa or Frecciargento, operated by Trenitalia

Italo, operated by NTV


From the main railway stations and the center of Milan: Buses will be available to and from the Expo. Alternatively, a new railway station is going to be opened at the north-west entrance of the Expo area, servicing fast trains and regional ones.


The Southwest entrance can be reached by metro Linea 1.
For more information, visit the official Expo 2015 website: www.expo2015.org

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