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A Terrace to Replace a Disaster

The Florence City Council is considering to build a terrace where a stretch of embankment collapsed last May due to the failure of two large water supply pipes. The idea is that of leaving the embank and using it as a panoramic terrace with a view on the Ponte Vecchio.

The works to restore the Lungarno Serristori are planned to be finished by Nov. 4, in time for the 50th anniversary that hit Florence on that day in 1966, for an estimated cost of about 6 million Euros. The race against time began last month when the construction firm started working in three shifts, including at night.

Mayor Dario Nardella is eager to get construction underway.

“We need to make it faster, and if possible, more beautiful than it was before rebuilding it,” he said.

To work towards Nardella’s goal, engineers of the Special Committee have spoken of potentially constructing a sidewalk-terrace, which would reach the width of 6 meters. Alessandra Marino, Superintendent of Architectural and Landscape Heritage, while closely been monitoring the construction site, is aware that the reconstruction of the embankment will not be easy. The first difficulty that construction crews will encounter is having to save the original parapet. Building reinforced concrete to support it will also prove to be challenging because in the past ten days, geologists monitoring the structure have found that the parapet has lowered by one meter.

Despite difficulties, the mayor remains positive. “It would be significant to be able to preserve an architectural sign, to remind us of what happened,” Nardella said.

If the idea of building a terrace will be rejected, the solution will be to build a new, reinforced concrete parapet and then cover it with red bricks characteristic of the old bricks badly damaged by the collapsed barrier. This solution would significantly shorten construction time.

When the disaster occurred in May, part of the road and twenty cars fell into a 650 feet in length and 23 feet wide ditch No one was hurt during the accident and the city is moving to quickly fix the problem.