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The Birth of the Fashion Show

The innovative idea of a fashion show, an idea that has long since gone global, was first conceptualized by Giovan Battista Giorgini and held on none other than the very street where there now stands today, decades later, Danilo Ceri’s vintage clothing store, in Florence. The original store is located in the Oltrarno neighborhood of Florence, just a few steps from the famous Palazzo Pitti.

Specializing in nineteenth century and second world war genuine clothing articles, there is nothing outdated about the classic style at “Ceri Vintage.” Locals and tourists alike flock to the store in search of vintage treasures and unique articles that can only be found amidst the racks at Ceri’s shop.

The success of Giovan Battista Giorgini’s first show led to the city gaining its reputation as the international fashion capital. Once the most sought after fashion venue in Italy, and the world, Florence continues to claim this part of history as its own even after the eventual shift of the Italian fashion capital to Milan around the 1970s. Milan became the fashion capital as Rome and Florence were fighting for the title, but it holds the title for pret-a-porter fashion. Although Florence is no longer known as the capital of Italian fashion, it maintains a large part in its exhibition and creation as many big name designers found their humble beginnings in the city. Today, many foreigners still come to Florence to do shopping at local, well-known brands.
Every year Florence sponsors fashion events such as Pitti Uomo, a men’s fashion trade show, along with Pitti Bimbo, the children’s clothing equivalent. Pitti Taste, a food fashion lifestyle event, is also held in Florence, as well as Pitti Filati which showcases the latest in the knitting and yarn industry, and Pitti Fragrance displaying international artistic perfumery. Fashion continues to thrive in Florence, where the first models and first runways fueled the industry that has now become global. These events are held at the Fortezza da Basso, twice a year, and are well-known throughout the world. Pitti Uomo is a platform for launching new projects in the men’s fashion world.