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The Power of Myth

by Marine Le Canne


The exhibition “The Power of Myth: Projects for the Facade of San Lorenzo, from Michelangelo to the Contest of 1900” is on display at the Casa Buonarroti Museum until October 30. “Power of Myth” displays all the attempts made at completing the facade of the San Lorenzo Church.

When Michelangelo was commissioned to work on the Sistine Chapel, he left the facade of the San Lorenzo Church unfinished. Pope Leo X de’ Medici launched a contest to finish this facade in 1515, but he soon dismissed the winner. Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici hoped to finalize the work, but her plans were never to be realized. It was only in 1900 that a private citizen launched a competition similar to the one that the pope had launched, among 53 architects. However, this contest was soon abandoned, much like the others.

Located in Via Ghibellina, the Casa Buonarroti Museum was founded to remember and celebrate the greatness of Michelangelo. The museum also offers the possibility of admiring the two famous marble relief pieces sculptured by Michelangelo in his early years — the Madonna della Scala, which clearly shows the passion of this artist for Donatello and the Battle of the Centaurs that echoes the admiration of the artist for classic art.


June 30-October 30

Casa Buonarroti, via Ghibellina 70


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