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The sculptor of success

Carving dreams out of stone. These few words describe Alireza Tehrani’s career, whose leitmotiv has always been one: having his dreams come true.

After becoming a millionaire at the age of 28 in the Iranian natural stone industry, Tehrani had another even bigger dream: developing a worldwide brand name thereby bringing change to the industry, while at the same time creating artwork for high-end projects where quality is appreciated and recognized. “It was a dream of mine since childhood” he says. He even dreams of seeing statues like Michelangelo’s David made with his precious stones.

The first step was to expand the business internationally. At the age of 31 he packed his bags and moved to North America where Primestone was born in 2007 in Toronto, Canada. “I chose Canada because it was known as the the Switzerland of North America where the government supports its businessmen and citizens with security and finance. My investment would therefore be safe”. But on top of that, its neighboring country was the largest consumer of natural stone products: The United States of America. The two countries are known to have the highest trade figures among each other. The business plan seemed more real.

“I was closer to my dreams, with passion, hard work and a unique idea: creating a demand and a niche for the most expensive and precious stone, onyx, for the high-end market” Tehrani said. He was able to offer better deals than those offered by competitors because the Canadian banking system provided cheap funds when discounting insured accounts receivable.

“I was also quite experienced in sourcing the raw material and blocks of Onyx worldwide. But on top of that, in order to create my top quality brand, I had to process, pack and ship my material to the one and only country hosting masters in design and technology, always bringing creative changes to the industry: Italy,” he said.

Tehrani’s business plan was simple yet effective: securing and controlling the source, producing a “made in Italy” top quality work of art and, finally, controlling demand. “I managed to put in place the Rolex of the natural stone industry, and in less than four years I was nicknamed as the King of Onyx,” Tehrani said.

Now his track record includes Onyx procurement contracts with the most expensive high rises, 5 star Luxury Hotels and private mansions for some of the most important public figures and celebrities. He said, “Italy taught me to be an artist: love your product and be different was the motto. In all honesty just the word Italy made my brand name shine through”. Today Primestone is a brand well known for its goal: a quality which lasts f


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