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Tower Fears Earthquakes

The Giotto’s Bell Tower is the first famous Italian monument whose conditions and capacity of resistance will be checked-up after the recent earthquakes. Experts fear that, should another earthquake hit central Italy, Giotto’s Campanile may not withstand the impact.
The monitoring of the tower began in November and will go on for one year. It will evaluate the construction, the staticity, the foundations, the possible degrade of the materials, possible fissures, the conditions of the surrounding ground, and its seismic resistance.
Due to the particularity of the construction, both static and dynamic tests will use the most advanced technologies.
Standing adjacent to the Dome and the Baptistery of St. John, the Giotto’s Tower is one of the showpieces of the Florentine Gothic architecture. The slender structure stands on a square plan with a side of 14.45 metres (47.41 ft). It attains a height of 84.7 metres (277.9 ft) and is sustained by four polygonal buttresses at the corners crossed by four horizontal lines dividing the tower in five levels.


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