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Uffizi Goes Wi-fi


Uffizi Goes Wi-fi


The Uffizi now has a wi-fi access-controlled network covering both floors of the gallery. The project, which was made possible by the Friends of the Uffizi association, gives visitors the possibility to access information about the museum from its new website and from the pages dedicated to the museum by the website of Polo Museale Fiorentino, the association of Florentine public museums. Information will be initially offered in Italian and English, with the possibility to add other languages in the future.


The objectives of the project are to equip the Uffizi with a data network wi-fi that will cover two floors of the gallery and that may be used for other future initiatives and projects of the museum such as applications, 3D reconstructions, virtual reality and high resolution videos, and provide a web portal accessible from the wi-fi network mostly based on the information of the pages of the websites of the Polo Museale and the Uffizi Gallery.


Ease of use, simplicity of language and mobility are the main characteristics of the project aimed to reach a wide audience including those who do not have specific technical knowledge, as the portal will be simple to access even to users unfamiliar with the new technologies.


The portal provides information about the events and exhibitions at the Uffizi and contains an introduction of the gallery, maps of various museum areas, the contents of the New Uffizi project and a description of the activities of the Friends of the Uffizi, especially those regarding restoration of art artworks.


The network has 68 transmission points, 150 network devices and six control units CED (or routers, firewalls, gateways, controllers, servers and backup drives). The area covered by wi-fi is about 13 thousand square meters, within which 500 users can simultaneously connect.

To realize the work it took eight months and cost 170.000 euro.


The social pages of the Friends of the Uffizi are: Facebook (/amicidegliuffizi), Twitter (/AmiciUffizi), Instagram (/amicidegliuffizi).



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