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Uffizi Presents Gold Unveiled Multimedia Tour


The Uffizi Gallery has announced the arrival of Gold Unveiled, a new multimedia tour that connects visitors to some of the Uffizi’s oldest works as they looked in antiquity.


Many ancient statues used to feature gold embellishment. Gold Unveiled uses non-invasive multimedia to show visitors traces of this gold now invisible to the naked eye. Works involved in the project include a statue of Minerva, a bust of Emperor Hadrian, the Medici Venus and the Ara Pacis commemorating the victories of Emperor Augustus,   


The exhibit is a big step into the twenty-first century for the famous art museum.


“I am particularly proud of this initiative,” said Cristina Acidini, Superintendent of the State Museums of Florence, “as it is time to value the Gallery’s archaeological heritage, which represents the foundations of the Uffizi’s collections.”


The tour was designed by Christian Barandoni, archaeologist and expert in communications and ancient history methodology, and Fabrizio Paolucci, Director of the Department of Classical Antiquities at the Uffizi. It is also paired with a website (www.goldunveiled.it), social media and QR codes.


The exhibit’s organizers anticipate that it will be a victory for the cross-section of art, science and learning.


“The tools that today’s science puts at the disposition of visitors the Uffizi gives them the luxury of creating their own personal itinerary,” said Antonio Natali, Director of the Uffizi Gallery. “In this case one could, for example, get to know aspects about ancient marble that are no longer perceptible but which were once were essential in the design of the sculpture.”


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